Ballistic Recovery System

Ballistic Recovery System

Is There A Price To Put On Your Safety?

Welcome to a new era in General Aviation safty!

The biggest consideration in aviation has always been placed on the safety of the souls onboard an aircraft. This serious consideration has caused the evolution of a new area in safety; the aircraft Parachute System. A game-changer for flight safety.

ballistic recovery system

One of the newest and most popular technologies that have been developed during the past decade is the aircraft parachute system. During the early years, this technology was only available to factory-manufactured planes like the Cirrus aircraft and the likes. So if you wanted the safety net of a parachute you had to spend upwards of half a million dollars. However now, as the technology is becoming more readily available, both in price and manufacturing options, more and more homebuilders are including them into their kit airplanes.

The advancement of this technology has immensely improved the possibility of safety and we at SL Aviation Consulting highly recommend to all of our clients to install one in their homebuilt kit as well. Life is priceless and when it comes to aviation all safety measures must be taken. Having a parachute system is an expense that should not be undervalued. Especially now, since the price of insuring survivability in case of engine or hydraulic malfunction has become so affordable.