Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

Do you have a vision for a unique aircraft design or wish to modify an element in your current project?

Design & Redesign

Imagination is your key to freedom. You may have an idea or a vision of an aircraft you’d like to build but are not sure where to begin and how to accomplish it. Have no fear. If you can imagine it, we can design it!
engineering & design

In most cases, homebuilders usually begin their process in deciding what kind of plane they would like to fly. Usually, this is followed by searching the various homebuilt kits that are available in the market. This process can be daunting as there are so many options and types to choose from and if you’re a first-time builder it can become very confusing.

Here at Experimental Aviation we can assist you in making that decision easier for you to know what type of aircraft will suit your needs. Thereafter, we’ll help you in placing your kit order to be delivered to you. Desired destination.
Once you begin the process of building you may come across situations that will require design modifications to better suit what you’d like to accomplish. Or if you’re an experienced builder you may want to design your own unique aircraft from scratch. For this purpose, we have our in-house aerospace engineers who can assist you in developing specialized parts to support the modification of your homebuilt kit or develop an entirely new design based on your dream aircraft vision.
Additionally, our Aeronautic Engineers can sign off any Repairs, Load Tests, Structural Analysis, or any other certification requests made for the purposes of civil aviation approvals.
In either case, you will be supported one hundred percent along the way to be sure and feel confident that you will end up with your desired outcome!