Flight Training

Flight Training

How Will You Fly Your New Aircraft?

Welcome to a new era in General Aviation safety!

This service is specifically designed as a follow-up to support the airplane build. Once the build is completed and the aircraft is ready to be flown it’s important for the owners to become familiar with their new airplane. You can count on us to be there and help you become acquainted with the newly hatched bird!

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For most of us, it begins with the first flight with a friend or a family member who is piloting with their own aircraft. Some of us become interested while traveling in a commercial aircraft and wonder if we could pilot a plane. No matter what or where your source of inspiration to learn how to fly comes from it’s a feeling that needs to be nourished and nurtured.

Learning to fly is the first step to aviation and having a good teacher and mentor who can support and guide your talents is extremely important. At SL Aviation Consulting we pride ourselves on being good listeners, coaches, and guides. It’s very important to discover what each student wants from their flying experience and where do they want to take it, so it doesn’t become an aimless attempt that would not yield the desired outcome.

Our Flight Training program goes beyond the beginner and first-time apprentice. When we have assisted you in completing your homebuilt aircraft we can also train you in how to fly your newly build flying machine. It’s always a thrill when one finishes the building of their aircraft but then comes the next daunting task of how are you going to fly it. Every airplane has unique flying characteristics and if you’re not an experienced pilot you may not notice these characteristics, which could spell disaster.

At SL Aviation Consulting, once we complete our part in finishing your aircraft, we will conduct the prescribed test flights and when your aircraft is deemed safe we will teach you how to fly your unique flying machine. This way you’ll quickly become familiar with your aircraft’s unique characteristics by practicing with the safety of a trained and experienced certified flight instructor and get to enjoy your creation right away!