Homebuilt Kits

Homebuilt Kits

What Are Homebuilt Kits And How To Chose The Right One For You?

Building Your kit

Once you have made all the plans on what you’d like to build and how you’d like to go about it we can support you every step of the way or as much assistance you’d need to get there.

For those who are interested in building their own planes, it is always recommended to begin with a rebuild kit airplane. There are numerous companies that make various kit plans of different shapes and sizes designed for different utilities. Many like… are built for cross country traveling and others like… are designed for aerobatic and sport flying and even as seaplanes. Some are high winged, Others low winged. There are also variations of seat configurations from the single to dual side by side versus in tandem. There are also four and six-seat configurations with single and multi-engine designs.

All of these options will have their own unique variables that cater to different flying considerations. However, once you add your own desired variables, like the type of engine, avionics, controls, etc you’ll be adding to the overall variables and the design capabilities of your kit. Since the kit will be one of the most expensive parts of your investments, is why it is extremely important to consult SL Aviation prior to making a purchase commitment of any kit airplane to make sure that it can handle your added variables. Otherwise, you may get stuck with something that doesn’t suit your needs.

As a part of our commitment to keeping our clients informed, here at SL Aviation Consulting, we pride ourselves in being informed bout all of the available kits and their performance capabilities in the market and passing on that information to our clients.