What’s your pleasure, Analog or Digital?


Wonders of technology have truly come to life during the past two decades. Where once we were limited to the linear analog navigational systems, now we have at our fingertips the luxury of 3-dimensional nonlinear accessibility to the flying space.


During the 1980s there was a revolution in the world of aviation avionics. The world of General Aviation rapidly evolved and adapted to this new revolution, embracing the new digital technology. The Glass Cockpit became the thing to have in your single-engine plane and soon after the homebuilders began installing the new gadgets into their aircraft. However, this technology was never cheap and accessible to everyone. But in recent years, as more and more companies are developing their own versions and competing with more established and bigger companies, the more inexpensive and availability are becoming the norm.

Even though this is an amazing blessing, it is also a massive pool of options that can become very confusing to the untrained eye. To decide which models to choose for your plane it’s no longer a question of if you can afford it. It’s now about which models will be ideal for your needs. Once again this is where we at Experimental Aviation will be there to assist you both in deciding on what may be the best option for you but also in the process of the installation as well as the follow-up services and updates.

This of course is not the only option that we support our clients with. There is a place in our heart for the old school technology of the gage system. Many of our clients may have classic aircraft that use gage-style avionics either because of the aesthetics or just the pilot’s preference. In either case, we are an expert in the installation and maintaining both the gage and the digital style avionics.