About Experimental Aviation

About Experimental Aviation

With Our Guidance and support, You will make all the right decisions with your next experimental aviation venture.

For the thrill of it!

Whether in person or virtual, we’re here to help you get there. Building your own airplane can be very rewarding but doing it without the support of an expert could prove to be extremely expensive and potentially dangerous. And that’s all about Experimental Aviation.

That is precisely why I have dedicated my entire life to building and flying some of the most magnificent and intriguing airplanes for individuals just like you all around the world.
There is no feeling like the exhilarating sensation of flying a machine that you have built with your own hands.
My primary goal is to develop a unique and customizable framework that meets the needs of every home-builder, regardless of the size and type of their project. Thereby, my clients are able to confidently go through all the complicated steps and procedures that are required to make their Experimental Aircraft Dreams Into Reality!

You can rest assured that when you engage in my Aviation Consulting Service, you’ll have the full benefit of my professional experiences at your disposal. Further, you’ll have access to my entire Support Team, as well as a vast network of industry players such as UL POWER Aero Engines, who are always ready to be at your service. 

So, no matter at what stage of dream-building you are in you can always reach out to me and see how I can assist you in making your dream a reality.  Feel free to schedule a free consultation session with me to find out. I look forward to hearing from you!

At Your Service,
Sergio Luiten

Our Team

Sergio Luiten

Founder | Aviation Consultant

Living close to a local Air Force Base may have been one of the biggest contributors to ignite Sergio’s fascination with aviation. While watching the various aircrafts fly by every day, as a young boy he began sketching out his own airplane designs.
Following his big brother’s footsteps, who had also caught the Aviation bug and received his PPL in 1986, Sergio also began his flight trainings during the same year.

Even though the two brothers were both under the age of eighteen, in 1998 their father recognized the passionate enthusiasm his boys had for aviation and decided to purchase a Cessna 170A to help them gain experience and accumulate flight hours more rapidly and less expensively!

While studying General Mechanics between 1990 and 1994 Sergio continued his flight training until he moved to Spain and received his European PPL in 2006. Two years later in 2008 he became a CFI, (Certified Flight Instructor) and in 2011 he established his General Aviation Maintenance and Flight School company in the Balearic Islands in Spain.

Following the establishment of his company, Sergio became a Certified Mechanic for Rotax engines in 2012 and UL Power Engines in 2016, as well as a Certified Fabric Covered aircraft builder in 2017. His talents in being an innovative problem-solver was recognized by many players in the industry and was offered official distributorship for companies like ULPower engines, Sterna Propellers, Air Master propellers, TQ Avionics, Oratex Covering, Glance Avionics and many others.

Sergio’s company has grown exponentially since he became the Official UL Power Engines Distributor for all of Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, Portugal and Spain. He now also has satellite offices in various countries in South America and is expanding even further. (Join Our team – Read More Here) As of 2022 his company has been involved in over thirty Experimental aircraft builds and requests for his expertise from every corner of the world to help build new projects keeps growing every day.

In addition to being an experienced aviator and builder, Sergio is also an exceptional entrepreneur, who understands the fundamental philosophy of recognizing that his company grows with every project. Therefore, there is a need to not only continuously update his tools and techniques but even more crucially, to constantly educate and reeducate himself and his staff with the latest aviation technologies as the industry developes.

Captain Michael Benrath

Senior Advisor

Captain Michael Bernrath’s, one of the worlds most experienced commercial pilots began his illustrious 30,000+ flight-hours aviation career in 1966, at the age of thirteen, when his best friend’s father who was a Boing 707 fleet captain for Lan Chile airlines invited the two young boys to join him on a training flight over the Pacific ocean.

Upon their return from this training flight the boys had decided that they want to pursue careers in aviation and immediately enrolled in glider training in1968. Michael acquired his first license in 1969 in Santiago Chile, La Paz Bolivia and Lüneburg Germany.

After a few years of flying gliders the enthusiasm for aviation was too much for Michael to just leave it at that and he promptly enrolled in Lufthansa Flight school in Bremen Germany where he attended between 1975-77 with a portion of the training taking place in Phoenix, Arizona in United States. There he trained on the Ac Types Beechcraft Bonanza, receiving his PPL on the Beechcraft Baron, and further training with twin engine Beechcraft King Air, acquiring his CPL IFR – ATPL licenses. As if the trainings were not intense enough Michael decided to explore the Aerobatic training as well, in which he received his license with the Decathlon in 1976.

Thereafter, Michael began working with Lufthansa from1977 to1995 assigned as the first officer on the Boing 737, Airbus A310/A306, and the Boing 747-400. In 1991 he was promoted to the rank of Captain flying the Airbus A320 until 1995 where he was hired by Condor airlines to captain their Boing 757/767 until his retirement in 2013.

However, retirement would not keep Captain Michael Benrath grounded! His passion for flying continued from 2010 when he began building and flying experimental aircrafts to this day, such as the ULM Autogyro 3 Axis.

In 2013 Michael brought his years of experience to the Sergio Luiten’s Aviation Consulting team, in the capacity of the senior company advisor where he functions as the supportive white beard elder to a global community of aviators who are eager to take advantage of his invaluable wisdom either through workshops or individual trainings sessions, where he shares his theoretical knowledge, experimental constructions methods, aerodynamics, meteorology and much much more.

It’s truly an honor and a privilege to have Captain Michael Benrath on the Sergio Luiten Aviation Consulting Team!

Sonia Alonso Diez

Business & Administrative Manager

Even though she was brought up in a musical family with a passion for classical music, which she loved, Sonia Alonso Diez also had another passion for all thing business.

After graduating with a degree in Economic and Business Sciences in 1999 from the University of Valladolid the dual passions became apparent when in 2001 she took a position as a music teacher at the University of Valladolid specializing in classical piano, whilst simultaneously serving as the Foreign Trade Associate with the Official Chamber of Commerce in Palencia Spain.

During this period Sonia continued her training by taking Pedagogical Aptitude courses in 2001 and in 2009 she received an additional degree as an Environment Impact Assessment Technician from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Prior to her move to Mallorca Spain, from 2008 to 2011 Sonia held an Accounting and Business Area Instructor position with the Xarxa Sakai Proyectes S.L. in Ibiza. Thereafter, Sonia and her Husband Sergio Luiten moved to Mallorca where they established the Aviation Consulting company under the name Aerodrome Mallorca where she has been operating as the Managing Business Administrator from 2012 to present date.

It is clearly evident that one of the major reasons for the success of their company is due to Sonia’s strong administrative and business management skills that keeps Sergio Luiten Aviation Consulting’s economic engines in top running performance!


Aerospace Engineer

Adrian Ehrenberger has never strayed from his childhood fascination with all things technical. He is fascinated by the process of engineering design and manufacturing that goes into creating complex machines. When he was a kid, Adrian would always point out construction equipment to his parents and would want to get a closer look to inspect them. As he grew older and realizing the incredible engineering skills behind aviation his fascination developed further toward aircrafts and rockets.
Years later he had the opportunity to get hands-on experience working on the manufacturing and maintenance of private general aviation aircraft at an airfield near where he lived. This experience reinforced his interest in aerospace engineering, so he applied to Technical University Delft, Netherlands to pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering!

Following his dreams and with a passion for aviation, engineering and technology Adrian is currently on his final year toward a BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering. He was very excited to join Sergio Luiten Aviation Consulting team where he had many opportunities for learning, as well as working on new challenging projects, such as designing specialized parts for various aircraft at Sergio Luiten Aviation Consulting. Adrian’s three most ambitious goals are to, (A) Increase Fy Efficiency, (B) Decrease Aviation Emissions and, (C) Increase Accessibility to Flying for all!

Alejandro Ferenz

Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineer

1. Title: Aeronautical Mechanical Engineer. National University of Córdoba (2013). Graduated with Distinction to the best average of the specialty, awarded by the College of Specialized Engineers of Córdoba. ANAC Registry: Nº 8081. Professional Registration of the CPIAyE: Nº 1220 (Current) License: Aeronautical Certifier No. 20623090 (Valid)

2. Title: Aeronautical Technician. E.E.T No. 2 (ex E.N.E.T. No. 1) Engineer Luis César Cipolletti from Bahía Blanca (1988). Graduated with a Diploma of Honor awarded by the Arsenal Aeronaval Nº 2 and a Best Average Medal in the specialty.
ANAC Registry: Nº 1820. Professional Registration of the CPIAyE: T513 (Transitory Low)

License: Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic (M.M.A) from ANAC No. 20623090 Category B Aircraft.
ANAC Registry: Nº 8321. Professional Registration of the CPIAyE: MMA4686 (Current)

Aeronautical Medical Certification: Nº 20623090 CLASS 4 (Valid until 02/28/2019)

END Certification: Level 2 Penetrating Liquids Certificate No. 01/1578-E / 18

3. POSTGRADUATE: Master in Materials Science and Technology. Sabato Institute.

I am processing the maximum mechanic license to be an inspector and qualifying myself in more NDT methods

In addition certified aeronautical welder.

Fredy Bernal

Helicopter in line mechanic

  • Worked in Colombia until 2016
  • Went to Afghanistan as a technical mechanic for US Air Force – 2018 – and later to Saudi Arabia also for US Air Force
  • Today here with us making a 6 month training course on Experimental Internal combustion engines and aircraft

Miguel Gonzales

Helicopter in line mechanic

  • 10 years at Colombia Air force also Police as technician for helicopters
  • Today is the chief mechanic

Jhon Estibenson Sanna

Specialized in Painting and surfaces preparations

Work with high performances yaths and aircrafts