What makes the best engine choice?


One of the most important elements of your airplane is also one of the most complex pieces of machinery that is the source of the very lift we pilots seek so much. We specialize in figuring out, recommending, and installing the engine type that would best suit each of our client’s needs.

Engines are considered the heart of an aircraft. Therefore it’s absolutely vital to select the right engine for your airplane. The fact you may be flying in General, Ultralight or Light Sport aviation plays a huge role in what type of engine may be available to you,, based on your local regulations. This factor gets even more complex when you add the aerobatics flying to the picture, which would require a whole different type of engine design to accommodate the maneuverability of your aircraft. All of that could give you a wide range of price options that may be hidden if you’re not as informed as you should be. That is why it’s extremely crucial to seek professional advice about deciding what type of engine you’d like to invest in.

At SL Aviation Consulting we have the experience and the knowledge to work with any type of engine you’d like to work with. Additionally, we’re also a direct distributor for the UL Power engines. The UL Power engines are uniquely designed for the progressive aviator who likes to push the boundaries. These engines are built with a variety of horsepowers and specialty designs for aerobatic planes. The UL Power service program is amongst the best in the world as the company provides…

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